When climbing the ladder of success you must understand that the ladder which you use to get to first floor from ground floor is the same ladder which you will need to go from that first level to the next. When one is still poor or not very known it’s easier for them to exude humility. But with the increase of fortune and fame humility fades and disappears.

During my last visit to South Africa I was privileged to meet multimillionaire, renowned business man, transformational thought leader and nation reformer Dr. Shingi Munyeza. What struck me most in my brief interaction with him was his simple, down to earth, easy-going personality – his meekness. Unlike most people who throw away the ladder of humility after just reaching the first floor of success Shingi has maintained his ladder throughout the years in a way that inspires.


Growing up in the slum streets of Mbare, a young Shingi Munyeza dreamt of one day becoming a truck driver but he was inspired to go into business by his father who owned a grocery store. Fast forward to 2002 Dr Munyeza became the CEO of Zimbabwe Sun Limited (ZSL). 6 years later after buying up shares in the firm He became the major shareholder and renamed the company African Sun Limited (ASL). Between 08′ – 10′ ASL began expanding into much of Sub-Saharan Africa, buying properties in South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique.

the ladder which you use to get to first floor from ground floor is the same ladder which you will need to go from that first level to the next

Today some of the hotels under ASL include Troutbeck Inn Resort in Nyanga, Holiday Inn resorts and hotels, Monomotopa Crowne Plaza and Elephant Hills in Zimbabwe. In 2013 Munyeza acquired the South African food franchise, Mugg and Bean. Throughout all this Dr Munyeza has maintained the ladder, no wonder why he continues to rise even in the face of adversity.

If God began to lift you today and over the course of the next 10 years you became CEO of that big company would you still have time for Him and His work? If over the next few years you grew to become very rich would you still submit to the authority of God’s word standing against injustice and corruption in a corrupt world?

Humility is the divine ladder to the top. Don’t throw away the ladder just because you’ve risen a few levels up, take the ladder of humility with you and you will go all the way up!

“Meekness is not weakness but strength under intelligent control.” – Unk

“God resists the proud but gives more grace to the humble.” – James the brother of Jesus

(First published, 8 November 2016 on Facebook)


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