Son Of World’s Oldest Woman Dies Aged 97 – Jamaica

z fairweather
Harland ‘Fairy’ Fairweather son of the Oldest Person On Earth.

The son of a woman who is presently the oldest verified living person in the world died at their home Wednesday in Jamaica at the good old age of 97.

Ninety-seven-year-old Harland Fairweather, also called Fairy, was hypertensive and died after a short bout of illness. His mother, Mosse Brown, affectionately called Aunt V, was born on March 10, 1900.

On Saturday when Fairweather celebrated his 97th birthday, his mother became his mother became the oldest human on the planet. This was after the death of Italian Emma Morano, the last survivor of the 19th Century being born on November 29, 1899.

Son of oldest women on earth
Miss V’s now eldest son Harold Fairweather (left); Oldest Living Person On Earth Violet Mosse-Brown (right)

A close family source told the Jamaica Observer that Mosse Brown, who now has four children alive, has taken the death of her son very hard. “They were very close and shared the same residence,” the family source said.

“She is well aware of everything and she is grieving,” said the source. “It is well known that she wanted him to bury her and occasionally stated that upon the passing of either one of them, the other would follow shortly afterwards,” he said.

The supercentenarian was said to be getting a lot of support from family and community members during her time of grief.

Vernon Davis, Mosse Brown’s grandson, said his uncle died peacefully yesterday morning after having breakfast. His two caregivers, he said, were at his bedside when he passed away.

“Right now I am at a loss of words because he was like a father to me,” the distraught Davis said.

Davis said Fairweather was very elated over news that his mother became the oldest person on Earth on Saturday. “He was really overwhelmed with the achievement,” Davis said.

Fairweather is survived by five children.



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