The Man

For over 10 years through various media, missions and ministry, Apostle, Bible Teacher and Authour Itai Chadoka commonly known to many as ‘Pastor Ittai’ has been spreading the gospel of the Kingdom of God all around the world. He received a clear call to Christian ministry as a teenager, which was confirmed through the witness of the Holy Spirit in the mouths of many prophets and ministers. A call which God continues to confirm today through his manifest presence exhibited in the working of signs, wonders, miracles and mighty works which occur every time Apostle Chadoka ministers.


The Message

Ittai preaches and teaches that Christ came not only to save men from their sins but to bring saved men into a life overflowing with purpose, power and unending provision – the God-Life! As espoused by the master’s words in John 10:10.

The Mandate

Ittai Chadoka is the President and Founder of GOD LIFE MINISTRIES INT’L a Christian Organisation called to make men’s lives free, fruitful and fulfilling through the revelation of reality and the demonstration of divinity. Through this ministry Pastor Ittai is positively influencing and changing thousands of lives and households fulfilling the master’s commission to bring the blessing of Abraham to the families of the earth through the preaching of the gospel & making disciples of the nations.

At a very personal level He is passionate about empowering people financially, as such He regularly writes and teaches Kingdom principles for prosperity.

Ittai Chadoka functions with an uncommon end-time apostolic grace and is happily married to Petronella Chadoka (nee van Kan), who operates in a strong prophetic anointing, with accurate, forensic prophecies.